Holiday Season Style

Hello everybody! I hope everyone had a great work week! just stopping by to share my the outfit I wore for thanksgiving last week… I’m a little late but….. It’s here…. I cannot believe that christmas is right around the corner. I am so excited for the holidays songs and all the good things it brings along. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I have not yet started to do my shopping for the holidays but when I do i will start sharing what I think are so good gifts for your love ones.

Going back to the outfit… I decided to try something different this year… I went to the store I believe it was target and I found this great deal on this velvet dress that honestly I fell in love with… the long yellow outerwear I got online a couple of weeks ago I believe it was from H&M or it was from Express… anyways you can find similar like this always on macy’s I’ve noticed they usually carry some pretty nice velvet dresses and also target of course…


Hope everyone has a great weekend! Make the best out of it…. and am I the only one that thinks the weekends go by faster during the winter season? because I feel like the past few weekends have been flying by and then you have MONDAY that nobody likes for some reason……… lol anyways I’ll be back another day to share a story time with you guys!



Sunday OOTD + Similar Outfit

Hello my lovely’s! I’m back just to share a quick post of today’s outfit of the day. Usually on Sundays I literally don’t do anything but stay home specially now that is getting cold outside. A typical Sunday would be me waking up literally laying in bed scrolling down on my phone or catching up on my favorite tv shows.

For today’s casual Sunday look I went for this very nice Skirt with the green and red stripes down the sides. This is great for casual wear or even to go out with friends. I pair it with a black shirt and top it off with a denim shirt to cover up because it is 50 degrees outside today! Below I would be linking everything and also I put together a similar outfit for you guys! Happy Sunday!

stripped long skirt Long denim Shirt Reebok’s White Sneakers Forever 21 Black Shirt

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H&M black Shirt Blue Denim Shirt White ReebokH&M Black Skirt

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Black on Black + Story Time

Hello my loves! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I just wanted to write a quick blog post on this weekend outfit of the day and also a few changes that I’ve dealt with this year. In the past few months I dealt with the hack of my blog over on blogger. After that I decided to change over to WordPress which I had this blog before I created blogger but thought blogger was way easier to navigate back then. Anyways, this year has been full of changes from me. I’ve been home for a couple of months now after an accident and work changes. Soon I will be starting a new job!! I think this is the job I’ve been looking for. A little change from what I’m used to doing. With this new job comes I don’t have to wear scrubs anymore!! ( I am/was a medical Assistant) I am able to wear as I called it “regular clothes” it’s going to be a little difficult for me because I sure do love my Scrubs. I would be posting way more outfits of the day since I am able to dress up for work now! I would also in the next month or so hopefully will be updating my blog with a new design. I am trying to work on that with somebody who helped me in my previous blog! I’ll keep you guys updated on that!

  • Ok so now back to the outfit details!

For this outfit I choose everything black! You can never go wrong with black. Anytime I don’t know what to wear I literally put on black pants, shirt and shoes. For me it’s honestly the easiest way. I know for me to choose my outfits for work it’s going to be a problem I can literally choose my outfit the night before and the next morning I’ll change it all over again. Now that winter is approaching I just love how you can put all pieces together from outwear, boats, hats, scarfs it’s just so exciting! I’m wearing H&M black pants • Zara Blouse• Nordstrom Long black Outerwear • Target Boots

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


Pumpkin Love

Hello my lovely’s! Just sharing a quick post and pictures about my pumpkin picking. As we end October which is one of my favorite months because of the weather.. it’s not too cold or too hot! It’s just perfect! I usually don’t like to decorate for Halloween because I’m not a big fan of dressing up and all that stuff. On the other hand, what I do love about Halloween season is all the scary movies on tv and pumpkin spice latte coffee.

Another thing I love is that once Halloween hits you know that the holiday season is getting near!! By the end of the week I will be posting my favorite things about thanksgiving which is the next holiday coming up in less than 3 weeks because November is already here!!! Can you believe it’s already November!? I’m shocked! This year has been going so fast. Thank you for reading and Have a wonderful Thursday night! It’s almost Friday!!! Smile!!



Fall feelings…


Hello my loves!! I am so excited to be back writting on my personal blog.  Today I’m just sharing a quick post later on this week I’ll try to share more posts! This outfit was over the weekend! I went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday. I think that when you have a birthday celebration all of us girls always ask the same question. What am I going to wear tonight? Or I have nothin to wear tonight!? *closet full of clothes*  so this obviously this happened to me and I literally just went into my closet and picked out this outfit. I think this outfit is very chick and perfect for fall. It incoorportates some of the fall colors. The mustard color I always love! And of course the overall black which I love. Below I am going to give you guys some other options on what to wear for a last minute party event.